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General Liability

General liability insurance policies typically cover your clients for claims involving bodily injuries and property damage resulting from their products, services or operations. Volta Insurance Solutions offers a variety of options for General Liability coverage in multiple industries. Our carrier partner integrations allow for the fastest quote turn around times as well as the most efficient method for processing new business.

General Liability

  • Product Highlights (available in 15 states)

    • Limits up to $1M per occurrence/ $2M general aggregate

    • Included

      • Blanket additional insured

      • Primary & non-contributory wording

      • Waiver of subrogation

      • CG 20 37 for completed ops for 100% commercial projects

    • 15% down payment; financing available

General Contractors

  • Commercial & Residential

  • Homebuilders

  • Paper GC’s Eligible

  • New Ventures Eligible

  • Residential General Contractors with up to $15M in annual receipts and up to $3M for any given project

  • Commercial General Contractors with up to $45M in annual receipts and up to $15M for any given project

Target Industries (100+ eligible class codes)

  • Course of construction

  • Lessors Risk

  • Restaurants

  • Vacant Land

  • Distributors

  • Light Manufacturing

  • Office Parks/Buildings

  • Consultants

Artisan Contractors

  • $500 min. premium (some class codes higher)

  • Commercial & Residential

  • Small-to-medium-sized contractors

  • New construction

  • Service/Repair/Remodel

  • Up to $10M annual sales, $2M annual payroll, & 15 employees

  • Significant discounts available

Volta Insurance Solutions is a fully digital wholesale insurance brokerage and automated policy issuance platform
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